Working in the Lab

The MCL welcomes and encourages all UIC undergraduates with an interest in mathematics to consider applying to a semester research project.

Students working in the MCL are expected to devote 10-20 hours per week to their project in addition to having regular meetings with their project supervisor(s). Student participants receive credit for their work in the MCL by registering for Math 496 (independent study).

Individual projects may specify their own prerequisites or desired mathematical or computing background for student applicants. Students uncertain about whether they qualify are encouraged to contact the project supervisor.

To report on their work in the MCL, each project team is required to submit the following items by the end of the semester:

  • poster and accompanying presentation at the end-of-semester MCL open house, and
  • an outcomes summary of one or two paragraphs summarizing the project results to be archived on the MCL web site.

In addition, each project team is asked to make a 5- to 10-minute presentation at the MCL mid-semester meeting, describing their progress up to that point in the semester and their goals for the rest of the semester.